Today the fabulous Kelly Writers House on campus hosted a lunchtime talk by Stephanie Sherman, one of the founders of Elsewhere Collaborative. Elsewhere is housed in a three-story 1937 building in Greensboro, North Carolina, that has housed a furniture store, a boarding house, an army surplus business, a thrift store, and now and finally (?), a “living museum” that sees a rotating crop of creative residencies and community events. These yield an endless series of art using only the items from the former thrift store.

After Stephanie’s talk, she and some audience members bandied about more theoretical terms than I’m used to, stuff about curatorial responsibilities and infinite sets of infinite sets, etc. I drifted off a little and thought about the generosity of buildings: how they open up to hold different uses and foster new ideas, how they are not shapeshifters but meaning-shifters, how they push us to invent wonderful wild things within fixed walls and roofs, how they keep stuff dry for decades and welcome us home, even if we’ve never been there before.

Learn more at the Elsewhere website.