This great article is not only set in Houston* but it talks about getting kids interested in the built environment and history. This project should be a priority for all of us who care about historic places – or any places, really. It’s the next generation we’re talking about: the next planners, preservationists, neighborhood blockwatch members, developers, homeowners and renters, business owners, construction workers, people choosing to shop on Main Street or in the mall, people who care about their neighborhood. All of them matter tremendously.

The Architecture in Education program in Philadelphia is a neat way to reach out to young folks. It brings volunteer teachers – including many Penn students – into Philadelphia public schools to design and teach 6-week curricula about buildings, math, history, and lots of other stuff, using architecture as the means of exploration.

*Okay, Houston’s not my favorite city, but I’ve got family there and it IS in Texas, the best state in the Union except for its silly politics and the fact that Gov. Rick Perry is proposing to cut ALL funding for the Texas Historical Commission, the state’s version of the SHPO (?!?). Story here; contact info for the Governer here. Bang down the door, y’all.