I’ve been watching Modern Family recently. The show isn’t really about architecture – at all – but each family’s house does reflect its sophistication. The 3-kids stay-at-home-mom family lives in a suburban rambler; the gay couple has a modest but charming Mediterranean Revival apartment; and the patriarch and his trophy wife live it up in a glassy newer-is-better McMansion (photo above). [UPDATE: My point is underscored at some length by this NYT article on the Modern Family houses from last September. Thanks to my sister for the link.]

For architectural Modernists, I’ve got two neat items to report from the Preservation Alliance’s e-newsletter. First, the Alliance has a great assembly of mid-century building photographs on its blog – click through to enjoy a democratic selection of very classy buildings and photographs. Also, Philly’s getting its very own DOCOMOMO chapter! Think clean lines, brighter futures, and a name that’s truly a pleasure to say.

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[Photo Credits, l-r: District Health Center #1 (1959, Montgomery & Bishop) and Richards Medical Lab (1957, Louis Kahn), both from the Preservation Alliance of Philadelphia blog, Jay and Gloria’s house, from Modern Family]