Graduation’s on May 16.  I’m counting on at least a month of sleeping and adventuring – Morocco? Hong Kong? the fearsome heat of central Texas? – but should probably get a job soon after that.  Here are some ideas in preservation-ish fields:

  • Work for a community development corporation doing preservation projects
  • Get a job with a preservation consulting firm doing historic resource surveys
  • Work for a city planning department’s preservation division
  • Work at a progressive preservation nonprofit organization
  • Move to the UK and work at the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland or the Prince’s Regeneration Trust (pipe dreams, really)

…and other fields:

  • Join Teach for America
  • Start a sandwich truck
  • Work at a bakery
  • Write or edit for money
  • ??

It seems important to say here that there are many, many, many professional paths that historic preservationists can take; in fact, the above list is representative only of my farflung interests.  I’ll try to write a post on more general Preservation Job Possibilities soon, for those of you who aren’t particularly interested in the sandwich truck business.