1. Visit the Magic Gardens in South Philly
2. Peruse the exhibits in the Institute of Contemporary Art at Penn – free to everyone!
3. Get tactile at the Please Touch Museum: it’s not just for kids (I hope)
4. Go to Valley Forge and other historic sites in the Philadelphia area
5. Watch Rocky
6. Do a Rocky run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA)
7. Return to the PMA to catch the midnight Philly Pretzel Ride, which happens every Tuesday
8. Get back on my bike to cruise the city and take pictures of cool buildings, which exist in staggering abundance
9. Take better advantage of Philly’s proximity to Baltimore, Washington DC, and New York (and cheap cheap transportation via Megabus and Bolt Bus)
10. Buy a salt piglet at Fante’s, a dream shop for cooks and eaters alike, then stock up on persimmons at the Italian Market outside
11. Go back to the weirdly mesmerizing Mütter Museum
12. Write a thesis!

To be continued…