This week I’m in Cleveland for the Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference. The conference is run by the Center for Community Progress; speakers include people like Dan Kildee, Frank Alexander, Terry Schwarz, Alan Mallach, Joseph Schilling, and John Kromer of the Fels Institute of Government at Penn – leaders in the field of land banking, housing policy, and revitalizing urban areas. There were also people who are actually famous, like HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  It’s been great to hear from politicians, policymakers, community development professionals, activists, entrepreneurs, artists, and all manner of creative thinkers who are reimagining what cities could look like and working to make that vision happen. And I’m in Cleveland! Hellooooo Ohio!

Thanks to the Ilona English Travel Grant for this opportunity.

[HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan]